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In my last entry, I mentioned that the EU is becoming a dictatorship. Then I managed to stumble on a certain piece of EU propaganda. It is pretty spectacular from multiple fronts.  Considering that I will be analysing this insidious little advertisement, I suggest readers watch it before reading the rest of this blog post.

EU Enlargement Propaganda

…Where to start?

It reminds me of fascist propaganda. Deflecting attention away from your own country’s problems by creating an illusionary threat or blowing an existing one out of proportion. All in the name of unity.

Note how it involves three foreign males (that is, non European) threatening a white woman. These males appear to be Chinese, Indian and Brazilian judging by their respective (stereotypical) martial arts movements and the political undertones. Obviously, this refers to the increasing economic power of the BRIC countries, although it is highly suspect we don’t see a Russian as well. Perhaps Russians look too European? Even simple black-white colour contrasts can be used quite effectively for propaganda; and the amount of contrast here is significantly more than just that (1).

Some might call the ad racist and xenophobic. It definitely is xenophobic and due the exclusion of a Russian male, I’m inclined to say that it attempts to play on racist feelings. That’s assuredly not the main message here though. No, the main message is that the EU is being severely threatened by China, India and Brazil; and that can we can only resist them as part of the EU. Resist? Actually, it is more than that. It is overpowering and ”persuading” these ”uncultured barbarians” to act civilized.

It also demonstrates an absolutely hysterical amount of arrogance to act as if the EU could win an economic conflict if China, India and Brazil would team up. The EU would probably win against a single country. Maybe even against two. But three? It is madness to assume the EU could ”win” in that scenario. Sure, the EU actually has a bigger gross domestic product than all three countries combined; but GDP isn’t everything in an economic war.

I imagine the European Commission’s hope was that it could help with transforming nationalism into Pan-European Nationalism. Using fear to achieve their goals certainly isn’t alien for them, in fact, they are likely quite adept at it by now. Even so, the flagrant lack of political correctness is something new for the European Commission…and shows that they are becoming anxious. I find the ”more the merrier” view taken by the commercial troublesome; so much for ”quantity over quality”,  I suppose.

And you know how I explained that the Euro couldn’t have remained stable? Well, it looks like the previous President of the European Commission actually agrees on that. Quote from euronews (3):

euronews: “Ten years after its birth the euro is experiencing its most difficult time. Do you see a future for the common currency?”

Prodi: “Well, the difficult moments were predictable. When we created the euro, my objection, as an economist (and I talked about it with Kohl and with all the heads of government) was: how can we have a common currency without shared financial, economical and political pillars? The wise answer was: for the moment we’ve made this leap forward. The rest will follow.”

In other words, economic problems are just a small price to pay if it means Europe will ultimately end up as a single state. I’d actually go so far as to say that they wanted the euro crisis to happen for this very reason (4). ”Interesting”,coming from a Club de Madrid member, which is an ”international organization of former democratic statesmen, which works to strengthen democratic governance and leadership” (5).

As for ”democracy”…Hungary’s current Prime Minister is attempting to resist EU meddling in national politics (6). Admittedly, most of the offending policies are very suspicious and I don’t support them at all. Although I don’t truly understand the fuss about a PM witnessing the meetings of his own nation’s central bank or that the constitution will actually force central bankers to be loyal to their country…and not the EU. Amusingly enough, Barroso, President of the European Commission, has said that Orban ”doesn’t  get democracy” (7).

…That’s a ”bit” rich coming from somebody that has no democratic support whatsoever from voters  and one of the main figure heads behind the ”euro-cult”. To quote mister Barroso some more:

”Governments are not always right. If governments were always right we would not have the situation that we have today. Decisions taken by the most democratic institutions in the world are very often wrong.” (8)

“I have asked Britain to act more from the perspective of president (of the EU) than from a merely national perspective.”

“You are a European country and you should have a European future.”

”Europe is a non imperial empire.” (9)

The fact that the Lisbon treaty (which is essentially the same as the European Constitution to begin with) was shoved down our collective throats after the Dutch, French and Irish rejected the European Constitution in a referendum; shows that the EU has no right to talk about democracy (10). It even went so far that, after the Irish rejected the Lisbon treaty in a referendum, they had ANOTHER referendum a year later (11, 12, 13). What’s the point of referendums if you keep repeating them until the desired outcome is reached? Nigel Farage, as usual, was able to quite nicely voice his displeasure (14). Or for another example of the ”democracy” within the European Parliament itself, there’s another little gem you can view (15).

The EU’s claws are everywhere, and it has no intention of strengthening democracy. I find it rather suspicious that, Lucas Papademos,the current Prime Minister of Greece, has been a Vice President of the European Central Bank (16). Likewise, Mario Monti, the current Prime Minister of Italy has been part of the European Commission twice…and also sat on the advisory board of Goldman Sachs apparently (17+18+19), only being released from his obligations after he became Italy’s PM. In other words,  both of them are euro fanatics (20).  Both are not part of a political party, nor were they on the political scene in both countries during the last elections. Instead, they were simply ”appointed”. Regardless of the technicalities, this certainly does not seem to adhere to spirit of democracy at all. While the two PM’s they replaced, Silvio Berlusconi and George Papandreo, obviously made their share of mistakes (…especially Berlusconi); it was ultimately the lack of faith of the EU’s head of states (…that is, Merkozy) that effectively forced them to resign…and made sure they would be succeeded by the ”right” individuals.

But moving on; rather curious was the EU parliament’s motion recently passed about a certain controversial website from the Dutch PVV party (21). This website essentially aims to get people to ”report” Middle and Eastern Europeans that cause trouble and ”steal” jobs.  Essentially the motion condemned the website, and called on the Dutch PM and cabinet to do the same; who so far have refused (…just too bad  our PM didn’t have the same backbone when it to the ESM), calling it a matter for the PVV and potentially the courts.  While I’m not supporting the underlying motive of the website, the European Parliament ought to mind their own business instead of telling nations what they need to do.  In addition, I’d love to point out that racket created about the website has only backfired; the PVV is doing better in the polls since such all the publicity. Incidentally, according to the motion, labour migration is only something positive without any negative aspects attached to it…which is really oversimplifying things.

Going back to a few other ”great figures” of the EU, there is the wonderful Martin Schulz; current President of the European Parliament.  Often referring to euro-sceptics as encouraging fascism, trying to compare them with Nazi’s, and calling EU parliamentarians fascists directly; he throws a hissy fit as soon as somebody gives him a taste of his own medicine (22+23+24). He cries foul and demands that the other person leaves the room or apologises; yet he has never apologised for own his antics.  This is an exceedingly low and dirty strategy; his abuse of history for his personal gain seems, quite frankly, very disrespectful to the millions of people who died and suffered during World War II.

And last, but certainty not least, we have Guy Verhofstadt. The man who wants Europe to become the United States of Europe and is the Chairperson of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (25+26). He illustrates perfectly what the problem is with the majority of today’s liberals in Europe. How can you claim, with a straight face, that you are a liberal if you want the national sovereignty of nations to be abolished? As I mentioned before, I consider myself a liberal…but I’m pretty much forced to vote for the PVV during the next European Parliament elections; as they are the only Dutch party consistently against more power being transferred to the EU . That said, I’d definitely vote for the UKIP if I could.

Also, on the subject of liberty…there is something I forgot to mention in part 1 of this article: the Data Retention Directive (27).

”According to the directive, member states will have to store citizens’ telecommunications data for six to 24 months stipulating a maximum time period. Under the directive the police and security agencies will be able to request access to details such as IP address and time of use of every email, phone call and text message sent or received. A permission to access the information will be granted only by a court.”

But that’s not all! There’s also Written declaration 29, which was adopted, making it also apply for search engines (28+29). You know, to uh… COMBAT CHILD PORNOGRAPHY! That will show those scumbag paedophiles, thinking they can’t get caught whenever they google for some steamy porn involving minors! Darknets, encryption and proxies? What are you talking about?! This is serious business, we don’t have time for your techno-babble!

…Ahem. Consider me a ”touch” sceptical about how this is supposed to help against child pornography.

Since I already spoke about the lack of democracy in the EU, I’ll end with a good old jab at Europe’s inefficiency. Did you know that the European Parliament, while spending most of its time in Brussels, needs to have 12 sessions each year in Strasbourg ? Why you ask? Something about a deal with France (30+31). And how much does this joke cost the European taxpayer every year? At least 180 million euros, if not more. Impressive as always guys; well done! Then again, to be fair, this is fairly minor compared to the at least 2 billion euros the EU spent on ”information” alone in 2008; sponsoring such fine projects as the indoctrination of children and the approximately 250 million euros that will be spent on a legion of spin doctors in 2012 (32+33+34). It looks like the new budget rise will also be wasted most splendidly indeed (35)!

Information? I don’t know why, but given the context, that brings back memories of the old Iraqi Minister of Information (36)…